About The Chamber

The Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to represent this vibrant and historic community on behalf of local businesses. We are eager to work with all local business owners to support your unique vision or initiatives. The Chamber is here to support, market, and advertise local  businesses to ensure their continued success. If your business needs an introduction to local suppliers, leaders, organizations, or new opportunities then Join Today for a better tomorrow!


Please reach out to the Chamber and let us know how it can best serve your business that keeps the community thriving!

2022 Hancock NY Chamber-  Executive Board & Directors

Officers – 2022

President – Ashley Rossi

Vice President – Ricard H. Lowe, III

Treasurer – Mike Argiros

Secretary – Carmella Seely

Directors – 2022

Andrew Gross

Kristin Burden

Sherri Resti-Thomas

Ken Salvestrini

Rob Wrighter

Jim Kilgore

Dawn Joyce

Dan Clark

Bill Gross

Bobbi Cicio

Vallessa Monk

2022 Active Chamber Committees

Activities & Membership Members:

Ashley Rossi,

Carmella Seely,

Dawn Joyce,


Kristin Burden,

Bill Gross,

Andrew Gross,

Vallessa Monk.

Fundraising & Finance Members:

Ashley Rossi,

Jim Kilgore,

Mike Argirios,

Richard Lowe,

Bobbi Cicio,

Ken Salvestrini,

Andrew Gross.

Advertising and Promotions Members:

Ashley Rossi,

Sherri Resti-Thomas,

Cindy Ray,

Vallessa Monk,

Carmella Seely,

Jim Kilgore.



Nominating Members:

Ashley Rossi,

Bill Gross,

Vallessa Monk,

Carmella Seely,

Dan Clark.

Take a Country Drive Brochure:

Sherri Resti-Thomas -Chair

Ashley Rossi

Cindy Argiros

Jim Kilgore

Vallessa Monk

Carmella Seely

Marketing & Website:

Chris Gross- Chair

Ashley Rossi

Jim Kilgore

Joe Iozzi

Carmella Seely

Richard H. Lowe, III

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